There are several hot springs below Hoover Dam on the Colorado River recently designated as the Black Canyon National Water Trail. Some areas can be done by land, some can be done by water and some can be done by both. These include areas like Sauna Cave, Heated Cove, Gold Strike Hot Springs (Nevada Hot Springs), Lone Palm, Boy Scout Hot Springs, Moonscape Hot Springs and Ringbolt Hot Springs (Arizona Hot Springs)

Thursday, May 28, 2020

May 28, 2020 - Arizona Hot Springs

Going up river from Willow Beach to Arizona Hot Springs!
The hot springs are open by going up or down river. The ladder got washed out on March 11,  2020 and has still not been replaced. There is one nice pool that you can get to, the pool is about 85-90 degrees but is a great summertime pool.  This pool is in the sun during the day so the air temperature gets very warm and the rocks around the pool will burn bare skin. Yesterday, there were only for motorboats on the river. 

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