There are several hot springs below Hoover Dam on the Colorado River recently designated as the Black Canyon National Water Trail. Some areas can be done by land, some can be done by water and some can be done by both. These include areas like Sauna Cave, Heated Cove, Gold Strike Hot Springs (Nevada Hot Springs), Lone Palm, Boy Scout Hot Springs, Moonscape Hot Springs and Ringbolt Hot Springs (Arizona Hot Springs)

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January 5, 2016 - Gold Strike Hot Springs

Who would think that a trail cleanup project could be this much fun? Thanks, Brandon, Matt and Katie for all your help. We will all sleep good tonight. We braved the 55˚ waters of the mighty Colorado River and made it over to Sauna Cave. How deep was the water? It was about waist deep, no maybe chest deep, no maybe neck deep, no maybe you could bounce off the bottom of the river and still be able to breathe.

Green ground cover. Photo courtesy of Katie

The first real pool that you see. It is called the lower pool. Photo courtesy of Katie

Matt inspecting a cave. Where does this go? Photo courtesy of Katie

Mineral deposits. Photo courtesy of Katie

Beautiful colors of the V. moss on the wall. Photo courtesy of Katie

Ahh! Sauna cave, nice and warm after cold trek through the river.

Brandon in the waterfall pool.

Time for a mud bath selfie.

Austin and Lydia from Eastern Washington.

Matt and Katie relaxing in the Grotto Pool. Wondering what is happening in the rest of the world right now or not.

Brandon, taking a breather from the warm water.

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